torsdag 27 mars 2014

Water Surfing

Hello again!
We have it good here in Miami so far, we have also very good weather. The sun was shining today but it was also little windy. But it was perfect. Malin and I tried someting new today. We water surfing.
We starting from de hotel and then we walk to the beach, it took only five minutes. When we were arrived at the beach, we saw the surfingboards at a little shop. It was like a tent. We asking the salesman if we could by some surfingborads. He answer that you not buying you renting the surfingboard in the day. You most return it back before six pm. And it costs 30.87 dollar, (200 swedish crowns.) We borrowed two surfingboards and we walk out in to the water. We started at once but it was very difficult, the waves was high and we were afraid that a shark would eat us. We surfing about two hours than we take a break for lunch.
To lunch we walk to McDoland`s at road Wasington Ave. Very close to out hotel. From the beach it took ten minutes. There were a lot of cars so we had to go slowly.
After the lunch break we get back to the beach again. And we surfing two hours more. There was a man who showed us how we could do, and then it went better. Thank you man.

The man who helped us, he was really good! 

Picture from ( ) 

We could choose between many different boards.

Now we are going to a resturant. We don't know what we will eat so we take a walk soon. I think we would fine someting to eat at the walk. Have a nice evening! 

/ Matilda 

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