tisdag 8 april 2014

Last day in Miami

Hello readers!
Yesterday we water surfed. And at the evening I saw that we would go out and  eat anywere. But we heard that the Ceasar Salad at our the hotel were very good. So we stayed at our hotel and ate the Caesar Salad. It was really good. It lived up to the expectations. So yummy! And to dessert we took a strawberry ice cream with white chocolate sauce.

The yummy Ceasar Salad we ate
( http://www.godmat.org/ceasarsallad/ )

Today we woke up at ten o'clock in the morning. It was sunny and nice so we put on us shorts and a t-shirt. We took also with us an little bag with a bikini in. We went to the beach (Miami beach) and we sunned and swam the hole day. 

At the beach today 

Now are we going to sleep at our hotel for the last night. Tomorrow we travel to Los Angeles. We are really exieded! 
I write more tomorrow!
/ Matilda

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