tisdag 8 april 2014

Last day in Miami

Hello readers!
Yesterday we water surfed. And at the evening I saw that we would go out and  eat anywere. But we heard that the Ceasar Salad at our the hotel were very good. So we stayed at our hotel and ate the Caesar Salad. It was really good. It lived up to the expectations. So yummy! And to dessert we took a strawberry ice cream with white chocolate sauce.

The yummy Ceasar Salad we ate
( http://www.godmat.org/ceasarsallad/ )

Today we woke up at ten o'clock in the morning. It was sunny and nice so we put on us shorts and a t-shirt. We took also with us an little bag with a bikini in. We went to the beach (Miami beach) and we sunned and swam the hole day. 

At the beach today 

Now are we going to sleep at our hotel for the last night. Tomorrow we travel to Los Angeles. We are really exieded! 
I write more tomorrow!
/ Matilda

torsdag 27 mars 2014

Water Surfing

Hello again!
We have it good here in Miami so far, we have also very good weather. The sun was shining today but it was also little windy. But it was perfect. Malin and I tried someting new today. We water surfing.
We starting from de hotel and then we walk to the beach, it took only five minutes. When we were arrived at the beach, we saw the surfingboards at a little shop. It was like a tent. We asking the salesman if we could by some surfingborads. He answer that you not buying you renting the surfingboard in the day. You most return it back before six pm. And it costs 30.87 dollar, (200 swedish crowns.) We borrowed two surfingboards and we walk out in to the water. We started at once but it was very difficult, the waves was high and we were afraid that a shark would eat us. We surfing about two hours than we take a break for lunch.
To lunch we walk to McDoland`s at road Wasington Ave. Very close to out hotel. From the beach it took ten minutes. There were a lot of cars so we had to go slowly.
After the lunch break we get back to the beach again. And we surfing two hours more. There was a man who showed us how we could do, and then it went better. Thank you man.

The man who helped us, he was really good! 

Picture from ( https://www.google.se/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&docid=6Q2B1K-SviN4aM&tbnid=UpJnHi8-5dz-bM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsv.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FSurfing&ei=5Yc5U8C9Iev8ywPWuoKgDw&psig=AFQjCNGK9Cg7aDK4rrATTa_39HCWjrEZMg&ust=1396365632418695 ) 

We could choose between many different boards.

Now we are going to a resturant. We don't know what we will eat so we take a walk soon. I think we would fine someting to eat at the walk. Have a nice evening! 

/ Matilda 

tisdag 25 mars 2014



We just arrived at the hotel in Miami. We going to live in the Surfcomber Hotel. The clock is 11 in the morning and we had eat breakfast at the airport. Then we took a taxi to the Surfcomber Hotel. We just checked into the hotel and got a nice room with two large bathrooms, one bathroom is mine and the other is the Matildas.

(Pic taken from http://www.priceline.com/surfcomber-hotel-a-kimpton-hotel-miami-beach-florida-FL-100762-hd.hotel-reviews-hotel-guides)

(Pic from http://www.priceline.com/surfcomber-hotel-a-kimpton-hotel-miami-beach-florida-FL-100762-hd.hotel-reviews-hotel-guides)

(Pic from http://www.priceline.com/surfcomber-hotel-a-kimpton-hotel-miami-beach-florida-FL-100762-hd.hotel-reviews-hotel-guides)

We rented two Segway in a shop next to the hotel. So we rented Segway in three hours. We went on the walkway past the Miami Beach and went to an Italian resturant and ate lunch, Cecconi's. We took a coffee break before we jumped on the Segway again and went back to the hotel.
(Pic from https://www.msu.edu/~luckie/segway/i170/i170.html)

When we come back to the hotel. We go to the bar and drank a non-alcoholic drink. Then we went to the beach to sun and swim.

(Pic from http://blog.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com/2010/02/19/apartment-hunting-in-miami-beach/)

(Pic from http://25.media.tumblr.com/caa887d3841d7a4a45427d89bf582ae7/tumblr_n0ldhcjjoR1rrnc4bo1_1280.jpg)

(Pic from http://weheartit.com/MargaCabral)


tisdag 18 mars 2014

In New York

Today we were out and looked at the Statue of Liberty. We took a taxi to Liberty Island from the hotel. We went out into the street and waved at a taxi, stopped and he asked where we wanted to go. We said we were going to Liberty Island. We jumped in to the car and then he started to drive. It would take 15 minutes to go and it is 5.49 miles to the place. When we arrived so I asked what it would cost and the driver said it cost $18.30, so I paid and then we went out and photographed the statue. 
(Pictures take from https://maps.google.se/) 
The Statue of Liberty is one of New York's and America's characteristics and millions of tourists visit it.
The Statue of Liberty was inaugurated October 28 1886, and was a gift to the U.S. from "the French people", as a symbol to commemorate the centenary of American independence. Through the years, the statue also come to symbolize freedom and democracy.
The statue was designed by sculptor Frederic Bartholdi and is made of copper sheet over an iron frame. The body was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel, he designed the Eiffel Tower.
The statue measures 46 meters and is located on a 47 meter high pedestal of hewn stone. From the ground to the torch becomes the more than 93 meters. The nose is 146 centimeters long. In June 1885 the statue arrived to New York in 350 parts, packed away in boxes 214 and it took four months to assemble the statue.

We eat lunch at Angelo's pizza and then we went to 57th St, and shop at Victoria's Secret, 34 E. 57th St, and traded underwear, makeup, perfumes and clothing. After we had shop at Victoria's Secret so we went to Burberry's, 9 E. 57th St, and checked the handbags, but we found no that were in our taste, so we went on to Prada, 45 E. 57th St, and I found a nice bag. But not Matilda, she found a bag on Chanel, 15 E. 57th St. Which was also nice.
We wanted to buy Uggs from Australia, they're genuine Uggs. So we looked up on the phone where we could find the store and then store lay in the corner of 58th St, and with Madison Ave. We went and bought a pair of tan and a pair of dark brown. When we thought we had dealt mostly we would in New York so we went back to the hotel. 

The resturant 
Matilda's pizza

My pizza 

My new love! 

Matilda's new bag!

I buy this pair. 

Matilda buy this pair.

I hope you like our blog and continue to read it. Next post, we will be in Miami. We write again soon. 


onsdag 12 mars 2014

At The Ritz Carlton Hotel - New York

Now we are sitting in the hotel room and we doing nothing. We landed here in New York for two days ago and we have not doing so much yesterday and today. We were very tired after the flight, so yesterday we have sleeping a lot, watching tv, and planned our shopping also. The shopping begins tomorrow for us. We are so happy to be here. It is so cool!
Today we woke up at the hotel here in New York. We had really good weather today. It was little sunny and about eleven degrees. So we dressed up us with workout clothes and we took a run. We are living so close to Central Park! We just cross the street and then we are there. We runnig about five miles I think.. It was really funny to se so much peoples running. We were shocked!
Yes, and at the evening we ate in a food hall, the Plaza only five minutes far our hotel. It was much peoples there.. Many tourists.. But the food was really good, and this is the most importent thing I think. We took a hamburger with chips, mmm it was so good, I can recomed it for everybody really! We are also drinking Pepsi. We can not have it better than so far. 
But now are we going to sleep. We most have energy for tomorrow!  
The pictures are from weheartit, travelandleisure.com, travelpod and archstyledna.com 
Goodnight from me and Malin.
/ Matilda

fredag 7 mars 2014

About us

Hello this is our blog!
We are called Malin and Matilda. We are from Sweden who lives in Stockholm. We are 16 years old.
We are going to travel to New York in a week, and then we are travel to Miami in seven days. After that we going to Los Angeles in a hole week also. We are really exided and we are really happy to see the country!

Now we sitting in the car to Arlanda - Sweden, Stockholm. We going to take the plane who lift 6 pm Swedish time. We are here in New York at 8.30 pm at New York time. We are going to check in in the hotel, The Ritz-Carlton. We update more when we are at the hotel.

See you soon!