fredag 7 mars 2014

About us

Hello this is our blog!
We are called Malin and Matilda. We are from Sweden who lives in Stockholm. We are 16 years old.
We are going to travel to New York in a week, and then we are travel to Miami in seven days. After that we going to Los Angeles in a hole week also. We are really exided and we are really happy to see the country!

Now we sitting in the car to Arlanda - Sweden, Stockholm. We going to take the plane who lift 6 pm Swedish time. We are here in New York at 8.30 pm at New York time. We are going to check in in the hotel, The Ritz-Carlton. We update more when we are at the hotel.

See you soon!

1 kommentar:

  1. Great picture! You really look ready for your journey!

    Some thoughts: Your travel plan is a little short. Are you going to more places than the ones you have mentioned here?

    I would also like to see who has written each entry, so it would be good if you could add your name at the end each time you have written something.

    Also you should look trough your spelling and grammar before you publish. There are som mistakes in this text, but you may edit them, after we have talked about it.

    Looking forward to reading more!