onsdag 12 mars 2014

At The Ritz Carlton Hotel - New York

Now we are sitting in the hotel room and we doing nothing. We landed here in New York for two days ago and we have not doing so much yesterday and today. We were very tired after the flight, so yesterday we have sleeping a lot, watching tv, and planned our shopping also. The shopping begins tomorrow for us. We are so happy to be here. It is so cool!
Today we woke up at the hotel here in New York. We had really good weather today. It was little sunny and about eleven degrees. So we dressed up us with workout clothes and we took a run. We are living so close to Central Park! We just cross the street and then we are there. We runnig about five miles I think.. It was really funny to se so much peoples running. We were shocked!
Yes, and at the evening we ate in a food hall, the Plaza only five minutes far our hotel. It was much peoples there.. Many tourists.. But the food was really good, and this is the most importent thing I think. We took a hamburger with chips, mmm it was so good, I can recomed it for everybody really! We are also drinking Pepsi. We can not have it better than so far. 
But now are we going to sleep. We most have energy for tomorrow!  
The pictures are from weheartit, travelandleisure.com, travelpod and archstyledna.com 
Goodnight from me and Malin.
/ Matilda

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  1. Lovely pictures and nicely written about your first days. It is good that you put down the sources of your pictures, but the addresses need to be exact, and preferably next to the picture. You may edit that part.

    Good luck on your continued journey!